Our expert management department services properties all over Brisbane, Logan and The Gold Coast. We maintain a full time staff of exceptional Property Managers and Leasing Consultants that can assist with helping you maintain the highest possible returns from your investment. How do we do this? Please read on.


In our experience, most property managers will naturally tend to focus on the ‘urgent’ (managing & maintaining) rather than the ‘important’ (leasing, finding great tenants and improving vacancy rates) meaning that just choosing a ‘run of the mill’ type agent can end up being very costly when it comes to the letting or re-letting of your property. Any owner that has experienced a long vacancy knows that this can be a very frustrating time. Remember: the number one avoidable cost in owning an investment property is the vacancy rate.

Unlike your standard agency, we separate the roles of leasing and management. This means your property has both of these areas covered by a professional suited to help specifically in what is needed at any point in time. 

And when you think about it this makes sense, because the skill sets required for each area are very different; A person looking after the day-to-day management of your property needs to be analytical, details orientated and perform well with administrative work whereas a person responsible for leasing requires someone more typical of a salesperson that is people orientated and present a great look and feel to prospective tenants about our company and the property they are leasing.

Yes, this is a more costly for us to maintain while still giving our clients a standard management rate as good, or better than what you will find elsewhere. But we feel it is vitally important to maintain profitable investments for our clients and this has allowed us to attract fantastic referral partners, raving fans and clients that stay with us for life. Our service and the outcomes we achieve for our clients means our business has grown in leaps and bounds since our opening in 2010.


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