In sales, most experienced real estate sales professionals divide earned commissions between the salesperson who produces the result, and the ‘office’ that provides the operational base. Very few agents actually earn more than 50% of the gross commission under this structure.

Likewise, property managers earn only a fraction of what a rent roll produces and take no advantage in it's net value. Most managers get paid meager wages and suffer from a high turnover rate due to being overworked and underappreciated.

Thankfully, the Link Properties business model changes all of that.

Through this innovative model, Link Sales Experts earn over 90% of the gross commissions they produce and Property Management Experts can earn far more under the Link model than the rather low income ceiling experienced by property managers under the traditional real estate model. Additionally, Link Experts who build and maintain their own portfolio of managements take ownership over the asset they manage and can manage less properties while producing a higher income, resulting in less overall work hours and more time to focus on the things within business and life that really matter.

Additionally, there is no expense in having to set up your own office, marketing templates, websites, subscriptions and everything else required to run a traditional realty business as this is all taken care of through the Link Sales & Management Platform. Office 365, digital form signing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, RPData, and access to all major web portals including and are all provided a simple monthly overhead charge through cost sharing and bulk subscriptions negotiated at the Link Properties head office level

Better still, Link Properties also has, and is actively expanding, a network of "Hub Offices" with luxury fitouts designed specifically to cater for Link Sales & Management Experts to meet clients & customers, hold training & events, and network with other Link Property Experts in order to build relationships and referrals throughout the Link group.

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