Who We Are: Redefining Real Estate in Queensland

Welcome to Link Properties, a trailblazer in the real estate industry, focused on reshaping the traditional real estate model. At Link Properties, we're not just about buying, selling, or managing properties; we're about creating a revolution in real estate, especially for the people of Queensland.

Our Unique Approach

Our model stands distinct from traditional real estate agencies. We empower our individual sales professionals, giving them the tools, technology, and support they need to reach their fullest potential. This empowerment is the cornerstone of our operations, ensuring that our team is not just working in real estate but thriving in it.

Our Vision

We envision a world where real estate entrepreneurs are empowered with a platform to run a successful and profitable business. We aim to foster a community of like-minded professionals committed to long-term success and lasting, positive change in the industry.

Our Mission

At Link Properties, our mission is to transform the real estate experience for sellers, landlords, buyers and tenants by connecting them with the industry's most skilled and motivated professionals. We believe that by empowering these exceptional people with cutting-edge technology, innovative systems, and a supportive, collaborative environment, we can offer unparalleled service and results to our clients.

The Link Properties Advantage:

  • Quality Agents: We attract and retain the best in the business. Our agents are not just skilled negotiators and market experts; they are passionate about delivering exceptional customer service.
  • Innovative Approach: Leveraging the latest technology and systems, we offer efficient, transparent, and responsive real estate services, making every transaction smooth and stress-free.
  • Customer-Centric Values: Our commitment to authenticity, integrity, and community ensures that we always put your needs first, fostering lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

Meet Sam McFarland – The Founder & CEO of Link Properties

Sam McFarland, our Founder and CEO, brings a wealth of experience with over 19 years in the real estate industry. His journey, starting at 19 and now at 38, reflects a deep commitment to the industry. Sam's expertise in property investment management and his passion for real estate have been pivotal in shaping the unique approach of Link Properties.

Sam is not just a leader; he's a visionary. His strengths lie in being open yet focused, persistent, and diligent. Driven by values such as family, community, environment, authenticity, freedom, and integrity, Sam has built a culture at Link Properties that mirrors these ideals.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Technological Edge: We leverage the latest AI and automation technologies to streamline our processes, staying ahead of the curve and ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in all our operations.
  • Collaboration at Its Core: We believe in the power of collaboration. Our company thrives on teamwork, both internally among our 30+ team members and externally with our clients and partners.
  • A Culture of Authenticity and Innovation: Our company culture is built on a foundation of authentic values. We foster an environment where innovation is not just encouraged but celebrated.
  • Commitment to Excellent Service: With a focus on integrity and transparency, we're dedicated to building lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring they receive the best possible service and advice.

Why Choose Link Properties

Choose us for a real estate experience that's not just about transactions but about genuine relationships and innovative solutions. Whether you're a buyer, seller, tenant, or landlord, our commitment to you is unwavering - providing exceptional service underpinned by our values of integrity, innovation, and collaboration.

Join us on this journey as we continue to redefine real estate, one relationship at a time.