Maintenance Request - Meet Alex, Your 24/7 Digital Property Assistant

Effortless Maintenance Requests and More at Your Fingertips

Need to report a maintenance issue or have a question about your lease? Say hello to Alex, your round-the-clock digital property assistant, here to revolutionize your tenant experience.

Alex for Tenants: Smart, Intuitive, and Always Available

Alex is the most advanced AI chatbot in real estate, designed to make your life as a tenant easier and more efficient. Here's how Alex can assist you:

  • 24/7 Troubleshooting: Encounter a repair issue? Alex is here to help you troubleshoot. If the problem persists, Alex will promptly lodge a maintenance request on your behalf, ensuring it reaches our property manager without delay.
  • Instant Lease Information: Wondering when your lease is up or need details about your tenancy? Just ask Alex. After identifying you as a tenant, Alex provides instant access to your lease information, rental ledger, and payment dates.
  • Seamless Integration: Alex operates through your familiar messaging platforms like Messenger and our website, so there's no need for additional apps or portal logins.
  • Automated and Efficient: With Alex, 97% of tenant communications are automated, offering you instant replies and intuitive interactions. Say goodbye to waiting times and enjoy immediate support.